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Economic conjuncture

We face an international economic crises which has affected already our country. For traders, its impact is still significant if we consider the number of failures or dismissals. However, affairs from certain domains survived and more, some have even prospered. One of these fields is IT domain. Specialists declare that IT (Information Technology) is a domain wh- presents business opportunities for investors.

IT area has encountered a constant growth and this can be proofed by the major presence of the multinationals HP, Sony, Toshiba etc.

Patrons in Romania consider that it could be opened profitable affairs in IT domain even in the actual economic crises.

It area wasn’t to- hard affected by this economic context considering that companies in Romania weren’t forced t- reduce wages and t- make major dismissals.

Technological conjuncture

IT domain offers a permanent, daily change and it is always opened t- innovation and progress. We can even affirm that it is the most ‘unquiet’ domain because technology is developing in an alarming rythm Old models are always improved, costumers are more and more pretentious and IT products not only satisfies their needs, but provides a certain comfort which has become nowadays a necessity.

Our company is called IsmarT and activates in IT domain, as you could already see. Our headquarter is in Piatra-Neamţ, Bd. Republicii, located between Court Piatra-Neamţ and Romtelecom. Nearby we fiind National College ‚Calistrat Hogaş’, National College ‚Petru Rareş’ and Romanian Post Office. As you can see, our position is a strategic and central one because we want t- be seen by the whole public in Piatra-Neamţ and t- be close t- our clients.

More than buying. Experience it!

Our company will be founded with a capital of 70.000 RON and will commercialize the following products:

- Computer (monitor, CPU, mouse, keyboard);

- Laptop;

- Accessories (data cable, chargers, covers);

- Camcorder, camera, digital, DVD player, MP3, MP4, Bluetooth;

- Memory Cards;

- DVD, CD, miniDVD, floppy disk;

- Phones;

- LCDs;

- Plasma (flat screen);

- Audi- systems, Home Cinema;

- Printers and Multifunction (scanner, fax);

- Software and antivirus.


- After-sales service;

- Test bench;

- Installing software and operating systems in our store.

Barriers t- entry and exit

For a company that wants t- start a business in the IT sector it could face the following barriers:

- Program license difficult t- obtain;

- High capital requirements (large investment);

- Not controlling technology and knowledge necessary for online sales;

- Insufficiently qualified staff.

Barriers t- exit may be large stocks or loans contracted at the bank.

Market Segmentation

IT products market can be segmented according t- different criteria:


- Neamt county market: Roman and Bicaz market.


a. After age and life cycle: 10-15, 15-25, 25-40, 40-50, unmarried young people and seniors, married, partners, divorced, widows etc;

b. After the environment of origin: urban or rural;

c. Depending on the level of education and occupation: students, high school, students, employees.


a. After personality: extrovert, introverted, active, passive;

b. By social class: superior, middle and inferior;

c. After lifestyle and temperament: sanguineous, choleric, melancholic, innovative, etc.;


a. After the knowledge held: advanced, primary, medium;

b. After attitude: positive or negative;

c. After the frequency of usage the products: products that wear out frequently, medium or rare.

Target market

IsmarT company's target market is represented by the urban people, aged 15-40 years, meaning high school, students and employees performing office work, innovative people, extrovert, wh- have medium and advanced IT knowledge.

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