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The present advertorial is trying to convince us that the product "The Diet Plate" is the best alternative to get rid of any extra pounds and adopt a diet based on healthy eating, all in an easy way.

The advertorial practically begins with the presentation of a situation that many women face today. It attempts to define this situation starting with a question and that will receive an answer until the end. The answer is supported by various arguments, starting from the assumptions both explicit and inexplicit.

The emphasis is on ease of use and obtaining the desired results. Also, to increase credibility, the idea is appealing to health. It is noted that the product is designed both for women, men and children. So it shows us that anybody can use it, no matter the sex or age.

Its' “breathtaking simplicity" (Line 12) tries to remove all other variables known to reach the same results as the "The Diet Plate" product promises.

Trying to remove any trace of doubt, we deal here with a non-mixed difference of opinion as there is only one party committed in defending the stand point. And it seems like it is doing a great job. At first he tries to give arguments why you shouldn’t choose any other option to a have a healthy body and life and after that he brings to front its product, presents it and explains why it is so useful, so easy to use and life guarantee. You can use the product with your family and have a healthy life. Also, because of the material the plate is made, it surely looks good on any table – by this trying to make the potential client to already visualize it in his home.

Trying to be as convincing as possible, it sustains that the Diet Plate has an international success and in order to support this statement there are presented two recommendations received from potential user who seem to be satisfied.

So, we are talking about a plate, “The Diet Plate”, which can help you in the easiest possible way to lose weight and to eat healthy, without facing the winter cold, the effort from the gym and without any other restriction. And all of these having your family close, doing the same thing as you do.

Now, let’s see if all of these are as simplest as it looks by analyzing the difference of opinion, the arguments, the premises both explicit and unexpressed, the structure of the argumentation, the soundness of the argumentation and the violation of any rules of critical discussion (fallacies).


I considered this advertorial worth analyzing because the author had a personal stake in its creation in the sense that he starts off by being a skeptic and ends up a believer. So, I can assert that in this advert the audience (the people who are going to read the newspaper in which this advertorial featured) is the antagonist and the writer himself is the protagonist.

The standpoint of the text is: The Diet Plate is the simplest and best way to lose weight and eat healthy. This standpoint is positive because it justifies the proposition.

Resolving a difference of opinion inquires that one of the two parties revise their original position. Taking into consideration that only one party is committed in defending the standpoint above, we deal with a multiple non-mixed difference of opinion.

Like any other differences of opinion, the one to which we refer has different confrontation stages.

The confrontation stage is the stage where parties establish that they have a difference of opinion. Regarding our advertorial, the opening stage starts with the description of the first month of the year, after the holydays, and the women’s problems regarding the weight in this period. The opening stage it is also revealed by the rhetorical question “- but where should you start?”(4th line). This question it is answered taking into consideration multiple choices (gym, diet, jogging), which means that the party believes that there can be doubt reaction to its standpoint. For each of these choices, he brings counterarguments: gym membership – not the best investment, too cold for jogging, diet – not a long time solution (Lines 5 to 7).

All the arguments presented in the text show that the party decided to try to remove any source of doubt and tries to solve the eventual difference of opinion. This is the opening stage. It is obviously followed by the argumentation stage as the protagonist puts forward arguments to defend his stand point. We have here a progressive argumentation, the stand point being given after the arguments are presented.

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