Comunicare si Publicitate

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Advertising deals with promotion of goods, services, companies and ideas, often through paid posts. The purpose of the message forwarded towards potential customers is to stimulate desires and create positive association of the product itself or the company promoted,which is achieved by the use of methods of psychological manipulation. Le Petit Larousse known offers the following definition of advertising: "work to make known a brand, to incite the public to buy a product or a service to use."1 Advertising plays an increasingly important role in the life of any modern society, is inextricably linked to the vehicle and mass communication, whose roles and effects both on individuals and on society as a whole are well known. Advertising is an expression of economic paradigms, social and even political and enjoys the support of a theoretical apparatus of increasingly sophisticated.Advertising has borrowed and adapted the successful concepts, theories and techniques of social science and especially of public sociology,applied

1 Le Petit Larousse. Paris: Larousse_Bordas, 1997, p.1317.

psychology, anthropology,management, rhetoric. Advertising uses''of theoretical tools that allow to analyze and understand the individual in his relationship with his own desires and motivations, in its dealings with other members of society, the perception that it has on the media and modes of presentation them''(Guyot, 1992) If its inception, advertising was done in a more intuitive manner, mainly through information, based on the creative genius of the exception, the current trend is becoming more specialized in the research and scientific approaches. Modern and postmodern advertising subject is to transform itself in an investment, giving the hazard, deal with the consumer based on technologies and communication tools based on a solid scientific conceptual apparatus, on vision and strategic approach.

One of the defining characteristics of advertising is that it reacts very quickly to any general tendency of the social system to which it belongs, is often present in the vanguard of change, the force that creates and imposes models, defines and supports the trend for most individuals in society.Advertising is thus one of the most dynamic areas of social life, among the first ready to embrace change and seek innovative new consumer needs and desires, ready to leave the comfort zones cognitive, ready to try new approaches and to take risks.


Historians have pushed advertising on past origins, not wavering to identify since humanity prehistory various forms of advertising. Others with humor and lack of inhibitions so typical to this area, place it with others through activities that compete for the privilege of being” the oldest profession in the world”. The first forms of advertising have appeared with the exchange of goods and the need to identify the source of these goods, or whoever produce. The need to advertise,to “announce it” is part of human nature and the fact that among the oldest relics left over from various ancient civilizations were found typed advertising,dating over 5.000 years confirms this reality.Persuasive communication purpose which can be dated in antiquity was originally a purely informative advertising and only then went through the process of adding aesthetic and emotional elements,which have increased the chances that claim to be received and retained.

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