Leadership and Success in Relationships and Communication

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Everything we do is defined by how we interact with others, while the topic of communication includes everything from individuals to presentations and visual cues. Our culture is defined by how we interact with others, while the topic of organizations includes everything from business to social groups and even families.

Interaction with people is the key of any successful venture, whether personal or business. Interaction takes place on three levels: personal, interpersonal and leadership. Alternately these can be viewed as internal, external or horizontal, and vertical interactions. Leadership and success is about relationships. You can have the confidence that you are at the top of your game. The beginning of leadership and success is to understand the foundations of human response. People react on three levels: logically or mentally, emotionally, and physically. In one perspective, these three reactions are inseparable. All three influence each response that a person makes. Nevertheless, for discussion and analytical purposes, it is convenient to focus on one reaction at a time, and examine responses in different circumstances.

There is a model of human response which can supply a framework for addressing each person and situation. The objective of this model is to provide a quick reference that covers the three types of human interaction. Personal or internal reactions deal with how we take care of ourselves. Interpersonal or horizontal relations deal with our interchange with peers. Leadership or external responses influence how we relate to authority. Our responses in one arena will have influence in the other two. You can be all you want to be. It simply takes an appetite to develop an attitude that controls the action. The keys to success are the same in leadership and business, as they are in personal relationships. The purpose is to identify these keys, and use them to unlock our potential.

Personal, interpersonal, leadership

Personal relationship defines how you see yourself as a complete person. It is essential to understand how you are wired, and how this influences your outward expression with attire and look. Equally important is your ability to handle stress through meditation, exercise, and nutrition.

Interpersonal skills describe the interactions that occur between two people, or very small groups. Included in this discussion are diverse topics such as personality types, verbal communications, and nonverbal language. The discussion of these responses and interactions is in the context of a common control system model, used to define interactions of physical systems in a technical and medical world. Leadership is the process of influencing one or more people toward a goal. Leadership necessarily is included in the discussion of each topic in this series. Topics that specifically address influencing groups include business structure, continuous improvement, and negotiations.

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