Marketing Communication in Physics Education and Sport

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Domenii: Comunicare, Educatie Fizica, Engleza, Marketing

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Abstract: Marketing is more and more frequent in two sectors, as culture and sport, which present various similitudes from the point of view of the labour conscription realization and of the consummation. Marketing is a modern science, perfectly adapted to answer, through practical action, to demands of superior accomplishment of individual or group necessities and wishes, and of economical efficiency criteria.

While treating the concept of the marketing there is necessary to underline three important characteristics of each organization oriented towards the market: orientation towards the client, the integrated effort and the focalization of the purposes.

Keywords: marketing, product, sale, physics education and sport.

Content: Representing a way of thinking and acting on the market sphere, the marketing realizes a systemic action of the activities flow which bind the production to the consummation, constituting– more than various specific methods and techniques – the domain of a young science in the field of the scientific leading theory of the socio-economical phenomena and processes. The term of marketing is of Anglo-Saxon origin (representing the present participle of the verb „to market”, which means buying and selling, realizing market transactions). Its origins are localized, at the beginning of the XX century, in the United States of America: in 1902, in the Bulletin of the University of Michigan, during the introduction of a university course concerning the products distribution there was used the expression of “different marketing methods of goods”. Gradually, this term became international.

In the last years, the marketing was more and more frequent in two sectors, as culture and sport, which presented various similitudes from the point of view of the labour conscription realization and of the consummation. This presence manifests itself through the utilization more and more frequent of the market research techniques, the development of a marketing activities (especially promotional ones), the constitution of marketing nucleus in the organizational structures of cultural and sportive institutions, etc.(Niţă M.A., 1999-2000)

Marketing is a modern science, of actuality, perfectly adaptable to answer through practical action, to demands of superior accomplishment of individual or group necessities and wishes and, of economical efficiency criteria. (Cetină I., 2001).

Many people think that they know what marketing is and with what marketing specialists deal. In their conception, marketing became synonymous to the methods used by enterprises to attract clients and to convince them to buy their products and/or their services. The marketing department from a sportive unity is considered as responsible for the new products presentation, for the apparition of favorable press articles, for the realization of market studies and for the rending of support arguments for those who deal with sales; one expects from marketing people to collaborate with the advertising agencies, to analyze and solve clients complaints, to establish criteria and help them choosing the new products and to organize their promotion campaigns etc. Such an opinion reveals the fact that the main function of marketing would be the presentation of the sportive unity and of its products to some potential clients.

Such a demarche concerning marketing is insufficient. The organizations which consider that the marketing department represents just a vehicle towards the clients, prove that they didn’t understand the essence and task of the marketing. Marketing is a higher extension and a complexity with many meanings. According to Professor C. Florescu, „marketing represents a modern conception in sportive unity orientation, concretized in a coherent ensemble of practical activities, scheduled and organized through using some methods and scientific techniques.” The definition has three main elements: modern conception, a practical activity and scientific methods and techniques. Only by analyzing them together, these three elements explain the concrete content of the market. So:

- The modern conception refers to a new topic in the development and organization of the economical activity of sportive unities, which has as starting point the research of the consummation needs, of the market, for satisfying the effective and potential demands of the consumers (users), in a superior way and with maximum efficiency. In addition, finalizing the activities of the sporting unities doesn’t restrict itself to products and services sale, but it also includes the pursuit of their use during consummation, the level of satisfying the needs for which they were conceived and produced. The marketing optics concerns the reports of sportive unities with the market, with the ensemble of factors and conditions which compose the “circumambience” of the sportive unities. The consumer is the centre of the attention of the market and not the producer ;(Stanciu S.,2002)

- practical activities specific to marketing can be concretized in:

- the investigation of the market and of the consumption;

- testing the products acceptability on the market;

- promotional activities;

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