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Staying on the path to success

In these times of globalised markets, every company that is active in national and international markets must create an organisational structure that ensures efficient operations in the areas of quality, cost and time management. With this in mind, Aug. Winkhaus GmbH & Co. KG in Telgte, near Münster, was transformed into the management holding company of the Group. It forms the organisational umbrella for all operating affiliates in Germany and abroad, which have been structured into the Window Technology, Door Technology and Automation divisions.

We think globally and act locally.

Winkhaus Holding is responsible for strategic control of the entire Winkhaus Group. Long-term strategies, business development concepts and the definition of objectives for Winkhaus companies, are drawn up under its guidance. Furthermore, Winkhaus Holding is responsible for the financial management, controlling and internal auditing of the company, also personnel policy and personnel development. Through its co-ordinating, coaching and inspirational approach, the holding company ensures that all Winkhaus companies are managed by uniformly high and modern management standards. The portfolio of tasks of the management holding company also includes the central management of protected rights, patents, branding and corporate communications, including the IT infrastructure.

After 150 years of entrepreneurial tradition, we feel more than ever that it is our obligation to stick closely to our path to success, and to utilise the synergies, professionality and competitiveness of our Group to ensure sustained and profitable growth for at least the next 150 years.

Winkhaus Philosophy

Precision is the measure of our doing

To be really innovative, a company needs a tradition.

To be able to adapt every day, a company needs constancy.

To be really open to the world, a company needs roots.

These are the central characteristics and the cornerstone of our company culture. As a company with a strategic approach, Aug. Winkhaus GmbH & Co. KG supports and develops these values. The company is at the same time the organisational umbrella for the operating companies of the Group. The company co-ordinates, coaches, inspires and guides these companies. It is the guarantor that all the companies of the Group are managed to the same high, modern management standards. Our 150-year tradition as an independent family enterprise is understood by us as an obligation to successfully continue our entrepreneurial activities. Professionality and profitability are important preconditions to this.

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