Analysis of SC Dosco SRL

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“Your company’s most valuable asset is how it is known to its customers.” Brian Tracy I have decided to start my project with this quotation because, after thoroughly analysing the chosen company, I have discovered that its entire philosophy is based on this principle. Reading the next few pages, you will probably get to the same conclusion. There are two reasons why I have chosen Dosco as my subject. Firstly, I think that a company that has as motto the above quotation is one that will greatly benefit from this approach, thus experiencing a financial growth. Secondly, I was always fascinated by world of oil and gas because of the huge gains it provides.

Short history

Dosco was founded in 1992 in Netherlands by a few Dutch associates who observed that the market of Oil, Gas and Mining was underserved and therefore they started an innovative business which delivered rental and sales services of equipment, drill stem components and handling tools. They registered a great success and soon transformed their local business into a multinational one, opening companies in Italy, Germany and Romania, all of them being limited liability companies.

DOSCO Romania

As stated above, it is a limited liability company founded by two Dutch businessmen in partnership with a Romanian one with the headquarters in Bucharest. Each of these three has an equal amount of the company’s shares. But can they be considered entrepreneurs? In my opinion they are just businessmen, not entrepreneurs and I will try to bring arguments in favour of this in the following paragraphs.

“Who is an entrepreneur or what is entrepreneurial are questions considered among the most difficult part of studying entrepreneurship.” Entrepreneurship research is, according to the well-known economist Peter Kilby, like “Winnie the Pooh and Friends’ pursuit of the legendary ‘Heffalump’” . Researchers have tried for more than three decades to create a commonly accepted definition of entrepreneurship. Although they have not succeeded in doing this, it is of major importance to understand the reasons of their failure. “The issue has been addressed from what happens when an entrepreneur acts, why they act and how they act, and then who this actor is, as if there was a specific homo entrepreneuricus who is equipped with certain characteristics. The rationale follows a line of reasoning that assumes “it” can be engineered, provided we first know what “it” is, or provided we can first generate the list of characteristics to look for in an individual and then find such persons.” But it is not possible for someone to do such thing, because even if we study some famous entrepreneurs, we will discover that each and everyone them has different traits that helped him achieve success. So what is entrepreneurial? Besides being an intelligent person with an achievement and goal orientation, “being entrepreneurial means, in its widest meaning, getting things done” and the core of entrepreneurship is innovation.

“Entrepreneurs are those who carry out new combinations. Following this view, entrepreneurship is defined as purposeful innovation. This definition tells us that innovations can take at least five forms:

• A new good or quality of a good

• A new method of production not previously tested, that does not need to be founded upon scientific discovery

• Opening of a new market, that is a market, that a firm has not previously entered , whether or not this market existed before

• A new source of supply of raw materials

• The carrying out of a new organization”

Moreover, an entrepreneur is characterized by a behaviour that includes “taking initiative, organizing and reorganizing of social and economic mechanisms to turn resources and situations to practical account and the acceptance of risk and failure. A major resource used by the entrepreneur is himself or herself.”

The founders of Dosco fulfill at least one of these conditions as they started a new organization. In addition, they assumed some risks when founding this company, but took advantage of the natural resources, of the fact that in Romania there are important quantities of oil and gas. Therefore, we can say that these businessmen are entrepreneurs.

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