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Applications of Blockchain technology in logistics of conditione

Introduction The food supply chain has always been under observation for possible improvements, today some of the main objectives to achieve in this sector are: - Traceability - Transparency - Security - Sustainability Topic Definition Traceability The ability to document and trace a product forward and... citește mai departe

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Child abuse - a global phenomenon

Abstract Child abuse is, without any doubt, one of the major issues that our society is confronted with nowadays. Unfortunately, not many of us are aware of the disastrous impact such a significant matter has not only on the human body, but most importantly, on the human mind. As such, I decided to thoroughly look... citește mai departe

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Teaching and Evaluating Tense Acquisition at Lower Secondary Level

Chapter I: A BRIEF HISTORY OF ENGLISH GRAMMAR Old English (5th to 11th century) Middle English (Old English mixed up with Old Norse during Viking Invasions so the English language, and more specifically, English grammar, started evolving with particular attention to syntax) Modern English (In the 14th-15th... citește mai departe

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EU Cyberspace Governance - which way forward

INTRODUCTION There is no academic consensus about what cyberspace really is. As Benjamin S. Buckland argues , the cyberspace has many competing definitions, mainly being defined as a broad network of huge ICT infrastructures including Internet, telecommunications networks or SCADA computer systems in various... citește mai departe

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How laws are made

From what I understand as a layman, there are about three kinds of laws. Administrative laws, which do not target deviant social behaviors, but simply organize the activity of some institutions. The premises of the laws do not matter much here, because they are technical normative acts. Then come the two categories... citește mai departe

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Tesco Business and Management

Executive summary This document examines the behaviour of a critical economic operator in the United Kingdom. In this case, Tesco needs to adapt its marketing policies to meet new challenges, such as Brexit and Coronavirus. Using the PESTLE analysis method as well as SWOT, this report examines the key factors... citește mai departe

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ALDI - Marketing Management Audit

1.0 Introduction Marketing is an essential part of all the business organisation. It is one of the core functions. Marketing is the way through which the needs and wants of the people that identified and satisfied. Marketing management is the way through which all the activities of the marketing are maintained... citește mai departe

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Business culture în Turkey

I. BUSINESS CULTURE IN TURKEY >> BACKGROUND TO BUSINESS IN TURKEY Turkey is a country at the crossroads in many ways. It has always been at the centre of the crossroads which divides Europe from Asia which gives the country enormous geo-political significance. It is also a crossroads economically and politically.... citește mai departe

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Veșmintele liturgice

Liturgical hats The Christian church is a divine place where the Savior's teaching is preserved, and some sacred works for the salvation of believers are accomplished. The use of the garments in the Christian Church is very old. Ever since the time of the apostles, the Apostle Paul in Epistle II Timothy 6:13... citește mai departe

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I. INTRODUCTION The world is continuously changing due to globalization, which influenced various domains of the human activity. Communication is one of the first fields influenced by globalization because language it’s the basic tool in the establishiment and maintenance of the relationships among people. As a... citește mai departe

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The differences between British English and American English

INTRODUCTION The Importance and actuality of the present topic are given by the prominent role that English plays in the modern era, being the current lingua franca and the world’s most widely spoken language. As any other language, English also develops constantly and produces many kinds of varieties among which,... citește mai departe

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Sources of Pollution

What Happens With All Those Nets Pollution on land is dangerous for our air. However, some of our ecosystems don’t need to be on land and we don’t need new technologies to do some harm to our world. We can do that in a traditional way - by cutting off huge nets from our boats just because they become too heavy.... citește mai departe

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Endangered animals

What is a species? What exactly is an endangered species? What is an extinct species? How have these species come to the point of becoming endangered or extinct? What can we do to save the endangered species that are near extinction? Can we actually do anything to save these species, or is it a lost cause? Why... citește mai departe

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Putting Theory into Practice

Henry James once said: "To be completely great, a work of art must lift up the heart" and many of his novels and short stories are living proofs of such magnificence. Henry James was an extremely prolific American-British author who spent most of his life in Europe and tried his hand at writing practically... citește mai departe

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Arcadia - Themes and motifs

THEMES The main themes of this play are: emotions versus intellect, the mistery of sex and the path to knowledge. EMOTION VERSUS INTELLECT In Arcadia we have two types of knowledge: the knowledge of love and academic knowledge. These two types of knowledge are in constant conflict throughout the text. It is only... citește mai departe

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