Ecological Agriculture

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“Ecological agriculture” in Romania

What is ecological agriculture?- From conventional to ecological agriculture- The fundamentals of ecological agro-alimentary production- The evolution ( development) of ecological agriculture in Romania- The European stipulations regarding the labeling of ecological agriculture products- Ecological products are healthier

What is ecological agriculture?

European Union especially centers on obtaining vegetal and animal products by ecological means and encourages those willing to practice such agriculture. Returning, however, to these means is not that easy, as the rules are very strict, so that the product should be indeed completely natural, ecological.

I will present in short what ecological agriculture means in fact, the rules that have to be obeyed in order for a product to be rated as ecological, and the steps that a farmer who wishes to practice ecological agriculture must take.

Ecological agriculture is a modern way grow crops, breed animals and produce food by using those technologies and procedures that come very close to the laws of nature – it doesn’t use fertilizers and synthesis pesticides, growth stimulants and regulators, hormons, antibiotics and intensive growth systems for animals.

Ecological agriculture thus differs from the conventional one. The process and procedures of obtaining are regulated by strict production rules and principles, that start from the quality that the soil has to have, to obtaining the final product.

The purpose of this agricultural system is to obtain a much cleaner and suitable for human metabolism and organism food, yet in total correlation with the preservation of the environment.

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