Analysis of an advertising campaign - Telekom

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Domeniu: Marketing

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Name: Telekom


Campaign name:


Campaign’s link:

Real Transmitter: Telekom

The apparent transmitter: Deliric

Transmitter Analysis:

- From the power point of view: Telekom talks about freedom through the voice of the Deliric hip hop, in the new campaign launched under the message #netliberare.

- From the point of view of attractiveness:

Deliric sings in Telekom's new clips on "lyrics" signed by Andreas Aron from Pixels, who is also a copywriter at Leo Burnett, said Telekom

According to Telekom, the internet is a fundamental right and launches offers starting from five euros (subscription or card) in this context.

- From the point of view of credibility:

"#Netliberare is the umbrella under which Telekom Romania will continue to bring more value and benefits to users, top quality entertainment services and a new experience based on simplicity and accessibility," said Frantisek Mala, Chief Executive of Commercial, Residential segment, Telekom Romania.

- The target audience is made up of people of all ages, ethnicity or social status, Telekom having various offers in its work to please all categories of people.

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