Nike Air force 1 report

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  1. Introduction 2
  2. 1. Defining the target market 2
  3. 2. Setting marketing goals 2
  4. 3. Identifying unique selling points that set Nike apart from its competitors 4
  5. 4. Developing a marketing mix 5
  6. - Product strategy: ... 5
  7. - Place strategy: ... 5
  8. - Pricing strategy: (Premium pricing strategy . 6
  9. - Promotion strategy: .. 6
  10. 5. Creating the budget 7

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Our planet is our playing field, where we do activities we love. Therefore, responding to climate change, Nike released recycled shoes to help protect the future of sport. Furthering its commitment, a new iteration of the Air Force 1, called "Himalayan Rhubarb," was designed.

We created a 6-step marketing infographic for the launch of this model in Finland.

1. Defining the target market

This sector mainly includes environmentally conscious consumers, fitness enthusiasts, and casual sports fans. Plus, we care about the following factors:

- Age: between 18 and 35.

- Gender: unisex.

- Location: Finland, with a focus on urban areas like Helsinki, Tampere, Espoo, where is likely to be a high demand.

- Interests: sustainability, fashion, sports, innovation.

- Income level: estimating €4000 - €5000 per month, which indicates that the target market is governed by a sense of social responsibility and is willing to pay for eco-friendly products.

The company also considers donating a portion of the Himalayan Rhubarbs to "Earth Day Network," a worldwide non-profit organization that keeps the Earth safe and promotes sustainability through advocacy efforts. This way, we can reach a new audience and position Nike as an ethically relevant brand.

2. Setting marketing goals

The marketing goals for the Himalayan Rhubarb launch include:

Increasing brand awareness

- Objective:

Enlarging the number of followers and engagement on social media by 15% compared to previous launches.

- Strategies:

a) Creating Instagram advertising campaigns and collaborating with Finnish influencers involved in sustainability events, such as @minnamaria and @anttilantto, to increase visibility.

b) Creating short and entertaining educational content about the sustainable materials and processes used in the production of the Himalayan Rhubarbs and sharing it online through YT or IG Reels.

Driving sales

- Objective:

Expanding the number of units sold by 25% and the average order value of the Himalayan Rhubarbs by 15%.

- Strategies:

a) Offering free shipping.

b) Partnering with eco-friendly clothing and accessory brands like "Eco Chic," based in Helsinki, to create a cohesive eco-friendly fashion look.

c) Using targeted email marketing through Google Analytics to promote our product to consumers who have shown interest in similar products.

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