Automobile Dacia S.A.

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1. Company introduction

1.1 Background of the company

Automobile Dacia S.A. is a Romanian car manufacturer that constitutes much of present-day Romania. The Dacia automobile company was founded in 1966 under the name Uzina de Autoturisme Pitești (UAP).

The main objective of Automobile Dacia It is producing and selling of cars, auto parts,machine tools and sistems for automotive industry. The company is located at Mioveni and the number of the employeds is 13652.

The first car which has been produced by Automobile Dacia S.A. was a Dacia 1100 in 1968 and in 1969 has been produced Dacia 1300 who was presented at showrooms at Bucharest and Paris.

1.2 Mission statement

Strategy mission is to produce Dacia cars low cost for a wide range of potential buyers. This cars need be very reliable with enough accessories and the price would be accessible for all the buyers.

The first 10 countries who Dacia company exported in 2014 the most cars was:

It is a very imprisoned the number of the parts who was exported and exported is growing.

1.3 Vission statement

Dacia vision was to produce a variety of vehicles for both the Romanian population and for export.

The new cars who was produced by Automobile Dacia S.A. are very promising, with a new design and with a very accessible price.

For export is a very imprisoned how evolved the sales, because the Automobile Dacia S.A. company is one of the company that register the highest sales in Romania.

1.4 Company’ strategy

Dacia fully benefits from its

membership to the Renault Group,

relying on the expertise and organization

of the parent company at the industrial

and commercial level.

It is a very grate opportunity for the company, because the Renault Group is one of the bigger company in the world and the advantages are impressive.

1.5 Objectives of the Executive Dept

Dacia's success is the fact that the cars produced at Mioveni offers a price / quality / benefits / unbeatable reliability. Over 93% of the Mioveni factory vehicles is exported to 34 countries on four continents.

Dacia is the best ambassador of the Romanian economy, because an important percentage of the economy is covered by this company.

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