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Climate change

Introduction Contemporary climate change includes both the global warming caused by humans, and its impacts on Earth's weather patterns. There have been previous periods of climate change, but the current changes are more rapid than any known events in Earth's history. The main cause is the emission of greenhouse... citește mai departe

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Recenzie articol Business History - Business history as history

Articol recenzat: Nr. Franco Amatori, Business History: Business history as history, Vol. 51, No. 2 (March, 2009), pp. 143-156 1. Rezumat articol Articolul recenzat are ca subiect definirea si abordarea istoriei afacerilor, savantii din domeniu lucrand la dezvoltarea explicatiilor teoretice ale cresterii... citește mai departe

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Lexical creativity

- Visual metaphor: World Wildlife Fund (2010) Type of text: advertising, a print ad Sender: WWF (World Wildlife Fund) (inscribed in the top right corner) (our pragmatic knowledge tells us that this organization is in charge of wild animals) Mode of transmission of the message: visual (dominant) + text Visual... citește mai departe

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Activități de speaking

1. What is a corporate strategy document and what subjects would you expect to find in it? What does HR strategy refer to? Do you consider that linking HR strategy to the corporate strategy is important? Bring arguments to support your point of view. A corporate strategy document is a formal written document,... citește mai departe

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Morpho and stuff

Before we start talking about Halloween, let’s remember a few things about quantities and how to express them. Read the sentence below, find the mistakes and correct them. There are ___ mistakes. Write the correct words at the end of the sentence. Sam has much apples than Jim. _______ Jim’s father has bought Jim... citește mai departe

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Legal translation

WHY? The English language is now the dominant language in many translations of law, as in the case of multilingual international instruments such as those formulated under the auspices of the United Nations (UN) and also in bilateral agreements. In the latter case, even when the official languages of the two... citește mai departe

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International theme in The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James

Henry James is the most prominent American novelist who practices the international novels which deals with America and Europe. Among the subjects and the themes which James wrote about , his international theme is the most recurrent in his work, in other words we can say that international theme is often associated... citește mai departe

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Immigrants’ Assimilation în Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Lowland

Abstract: The process of assimilation in the case of an immigrant is a difficult one, especially when the transition from one country to another is hampered by the large differences between the two countries, as in the case of India and America. In The Lowland, Jhumpa Lahiri managed to capture the experiences and... citește mai departe

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Gramatica limbii engleze

PRESENT TENSE SIMPLE/PRESENT TENSE CONTINUOUS Present Tense Simple is used to express: Present tense Continuous is used to express: 1. Habits and routines e.g Karen usually deals with the clients. I often get junk emails from unknown . companies. 1. Events happening at the moment of speaking or around the... citește mai departe

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Engleză - master comerț

CURS LB. ENGLEZA – COMUNICARE IN AFACERI (Comert) 1. Translate the following sentences into Romanian: 1. He is an auditor as his job is to examine the financial records of companies or business organizations. 2. Every year the shareholders take part in the General Annual Meeting where the annual report is... citește mai departe

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Syntactic Alternations în English

FOREWORD This book has grown out of the material gathered for an elective course taught to the fourth students of English at the University of Craiova, University of Bucharest and ‘Spiru Haret’ University in Bucharest since 2003. Chapter 1 addresses the thorny problem of syntactic alternations in English focusing... citește mai departe

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Echoes of 2008

The article we are commenting on today appeared on the online edition of “The Economist” on October, 8t and is called “Echoes of 2008”. It brings out the vulnerable financial situation in Europe. The indebted countries from Europe are blocking the ECB’s capability of funding and also other banks are not lending to... citește mai departe

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Tehnological Works - Tehnologie

ASSIGNMENT NUMBER 1 MATERIALS TRANSPORTATION WITH TOWER CRANES. LIFTING DEVICES Choose the tower crane necessary to lift different loads. Establish the lifting device type. 1.1. Calculation steps 1. Estimate the loads characteristics; 2. Determine the working fronts of the lifting device; 3. Evaluate the... citește mai departe

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Film Studies

From its early beginnings in the 1890s (with Lumière and Edison), to the contemporary hypermedia, film has been discussed as an art form, but also as a cultural product, the main foci of analysis being aesthetics, medium specificity, genre, realism, perception, representation, communication and reception. Film... citește mai departe

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Film Translation and Interpretation

Watch the whole film Compare the existing script/scripts with the actual utterances Note the differences Translate picture information (cultural codes) Observe time cuts, breaks, flashbacks, close-ups etc. (dramatic reasons) Pay attention to problems of vocabulary, forms of address, family relations, titles and... citește mai departe

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