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Before we start talking about Halloween, let’s remember a few things about quantities and how to express them. Read the sentence below, find the mistakes and correct them. There are ___ mistakes. Write the correct words at the end of the sentence.

Sam has much apples than Jim. _______ Jim’s father has bought Jim so much toys that now Jim doesn’t like toys too more. ________, ______________ Jacky doesn’t have too many sugars. _______, ________ Alfred and Klein have drunk much bottles of water today. ________ Brian gave Gina last week a lots of breads. ____________, ________.

I know, that was too easy, but it was just the warm up. Match the sentences in the left column to the ones in the right column by writing the correct number. Be careful; it can be tricky (but not trick-or-treaty)

1. I have a little money on me, so ___ we can have one more party!

2. I have little money on me, so ___ maybe we have to buy more.

3. Jack has few bottles of coke left, so ___ he has more toys than Jim.

4. Jack has a few bottles of coke left, so ___ he can play without getting bored.

5. Jim has a lot of toys, so ___ I can lend you some.

6. Vernon has lots and lots of toys, so ___ needs a little time to finish it.

7. Jack hasn’t finished his homework, so he ___ I can’t lend you any.

8. Greg is so fast, so, to finish his homework, he ___ needs little time to finish it.

So, you think that you got it? Have more, then. Choose the correct variant.

a. They live in a very small flat because they don’t have too ________ (many, much, little, a little) money.

b. Jack doesn’t have an expensive car because he makes _____ (a little, a few, little, few) money.

c. I want to see Jimmy. I really have ________ (a few, few, a little, much) questions to ask him.

d. Can I have ___________ (a few, a little, little, a lot of) more of this wine, please?

e. They say that he is not such a good person because he has very ________ (little, few, many, more) friends.

f. Your play was a success! I’ve heard quite ________ (a few, a lot, few, a little) people say they liked it.

g. Sam feels ________ (a little, little, more, a lot of) better now, but he still has to stay in bed a couple of days, whereas Johnny feels _________ (more, a lot, lots of, a lot of) better, so he can get out of his bed and walk around the room.

h. The room was looking ________ (lots of, a lot of, much, little) better than before: there were _________ (few, a few, little, much) flowers in a vase and not _________ (to much, too little, two more, too much) dust on the furniture.

g. We have too ________ (few, little, a little, a few) sugar in our house. Go ask Gina to give you _________ (a little, little, more, many) sugar because I know that she has ________ (few, little, a little, a few) packs of sugar left from the last party when she baked ____________ ( lots of, a lot, much, more) cookies.

Tired of little, a little, few, a few, lots of, many, much and more? Me too, but I can’t resist the temptation to ask you to make one sentence for every word mentioned above. You know, little, a little, few, a few, lots of, many, much and more. You can write them here: _____________________



Exercise 1. Use many, much, more, little, a little, few, a few, a lot of to fill in the blanks.

Gina has ______ apples than Jim. Jim has only _______ sugar left, so he cannot make too _______ jam, and he cannot make too ______ cookies, either. Sam could lend Jim ______ sugar, because he has _______ it, but he doesn’t want to. Sam also has __________ apples, too, so he can make _______ apple jam. Last year he made _______ apple jam than anybody else, but he made only ______ apple juice, so he finished it very quickly. Virginia made quite _________ bottles of juice last year, so she her brother ________ of them, but she didn’t give Sam any.

Exercise 2. Samantha has been learning English for one year, but she still makes a lot of mistakes. Find all her mistakes and write the correct words at the end of the line. There are ____ mistakes. Be careful: there may be two mistakes in one sentence!

“My sister is more faster then I am. _________________ Brian is the goodest in his class. _______

___________My cousin has the more beautifulest doll in the world. _______________________ My uncle can run so fastly! ___________________ Jimmy is worst child that I know, and I think that he is worst than Bobby! ______________________ Gina lives further than Mike, but Sam lives the furthest. ____________________ We are better then other people. ___________________ My neighbors have the uglyest dog than I have ever seen! ___________________ She is the more beautiful girl in the world. ____________________ My brother has the must interesting magazine about cars. _____________________ Hanna bought an expensiver dress. ___________________ George makes sweeter cakes Jack. ___________________

Exercise 3. Write the plural of the nouns below. If the noun doesn’t have a plural form, draw an X.

Cat ____________ person _____________ sheep _____________ city ______________

Goose __________ deer ______________ sugar _____________ woman ___________

Cherry _________ boy ______________ piano _____________ potato ____________

Toy ____________ banjo _____________ milk _____________ deer _____________

Man ____________ child ______________ watch ____________ tooth ____________

Jam ____________ ox ______________ box _____________ fish _____________

Mouse __________ brush _____________ homework ________ advice ___________

Church __________ bread _____________ pepper __________ beautiful _____________

Knowledge ______________ furniture ________________ advice ______________

Information ______________ phenomenon ______________ curriculum ______________

Activity ______________ stomach ______________ avocado _______________

Exercise 4. Use the words given to make sentences in the appropriate tense and write them in your notebook. See the model.

Model: Sam - to eat - not - yesterday. Sam didn’t eat yesterday.

1) Jim - to fly - never in his life. 2) Mike - to do homework - no. 3) Abigail - to study for exam - since morning. 4) Amelia - to sleep - when I called her. 5) Ann - to know - not - anybody in this town. 6) Bill - to know many people / because he - to live in this town - for ten years. 7) Bobby - to write letters - for three days. 8) Bobby - to write five letters - in the last three days. 9) Brian - to buy a book - two days ago. 10) Brice - to buy a book - not - since 2009.

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